Lecturer Profile

  • Yumi Ohashi
  • Specialty: Japanese
  • Portrait
  • Email: yo64@alc.rutgers.edu
  • Office: Academic Building 4135


                Since 1997, Ms. Yumi Ohashi has been teaching Japanese in Japan and the U.S.A at many levels: from Middle School to Undergraduate College levels, business Japanese, and The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).  She graduated from Musashino Art University with her bachelor’s degree in “Nihon-ga (Japanese traditional painting)’. Then, she went on to graduate from the Japanese Language Institute where she acquired a Japanese teaching license.  She also earned a Masters Degree in TESOL from Columbia University.   She is a native Japanese who has worked in Japanese corporations for a decade, and enjoys being an ambassador of Japanese culture, from Manga to business manners. Her interests, besides Nihonga,  are travelling, playing golf, watching tennis and movies.