01:574:350/16:217:550 North Korea in the Socialist and Post-Socialist Worlds

Description: Using historical and contemporary sources including memoirs, fictional works, and films, this course examines the social, political, economic, and cultural developments in North Korea before and after the social revolution (1945-1950) that so radically transformed its society. How did the revolution affect gender relations and the status of women, the economy, domestic and international politics, cultural produetion, and aspects of everyday life? Why does North Korea insist on self-reliance even while espousing Third World internationalism? What is "our style" socialism when most other socialist states have either disappeared or adopted market reforms? By situating North Korea within the context of regional and global developments, including the history of colonialism, modernity, and socialism, the course seeks to understand North Korea's past, current predicaments, and future prospects.

Number of Credits: 

Prerequisites: None

Semesters Offered: Varies