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japanese major

East Asian Languages and Area Studies (214) Major


  • Concentration in Japanese


The interdisciplinary major consists of 30 credits distributed as follows:


  1. Four courses in one of the East Asian languages above intermediate, normally 301, 302 and two other courses at the 300 level or above, unless placed higher by placement exam or in consultation with a faculty advisor.
  2. Six area studies courses:
  1. One course chosen from East Asian Civilizations: Premodern Era (098/214:241) OR East Asian Civilizations: Modern Era (098/214:242) OR Global East Asia (098:250)
  2. The Seminar on East Asian Studies (098:444)
  3. Four elective courses. At least two of the four must be courses offered in area of concentration, under subject codes 165, 565, 574; the other two may include courses approved for the minor in Asian studies.



Japanese (565) Minor


The minor in Japanese consists of four courses in Japanese beyond the elementary level plus two additional elective courses in the area of concentration (subject code 565).

Note: The language concentration chosen for this major/minor must be different from the language concentration, if any, of any other major or minor a student may complete. That is to say, for students who complete more than one major or minor in the department of Asian Languages and Cultures (in subject codes 098, 165, 565, 574), a different language of concentration must be chosen for each of the majors and/or minors. For example, students may not major in East Asian Languages and Area Studies with a concentration in Chinese. But students can, for instance, major in East Asian Languages and Area Studies with a concentration in Korean. Also, students are not allowed to do both the major in East Asian Languages and Area Studies (214) and the minor in Asian Studies (098), as there is too much overlap in content between the two to make this a viable option.

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