Master Course List

This is the Master List of all courses offered by our department. Please consult Programs for information on how these courses can be counted towards their undergraduate majors and minors. For information on how Chinese courses can be counted towards the M.A.T. in Chinese, please consult the M.A.T in Chinese page. In addition, please be advised that the syllabus for any given page will have the most accurate information. Syllabi can generally be found on the current or recent course offerings pages, as well as in the course description. However, not every class listed has a syllabus. In these cases, please contact the department or appropriate Professor for more information.

Asian Studies 01:098

Asian Studies Culture Courses

01:098:215 Introduction to Vietnamese Literature in Translation


01:098:235 Mongolian Literature in Translation


01:098:241 East Asian Civilizations: Pre-modern Era


01:098:242 East Asian Civilizations: Modern Era


01:098:250 Global East Asia

01:098:255 Heroism  

01:098:262 Asian American Experience: Identity and Ethnicity


01:098:321 Interdisciplinary Topics in South Asia


01:098:322 Selected Interdisciplinary Topics in East Asia

01:098:331 Sounds of Asia  

01:098:393 Independent Study of Asian Languages and Literatures

01:098:410 The History of East Asian Writing Systems   

01:098:444 Seminar on East Asian Societies


Asian Studies Language Courses

01:098:101 Elementary Filipino


01:098:102 Elementary Filipino


01:098:111 Elementary Vietnamese


01:098:112 Elementary Vietnamese


01:098:151 Elementary Manchu


01:098:201 Intermediate Tagalog/Culture I 


Chinese 01:165

Chinese Culture Courses

01:165:215 Introduction to Chinese Civilization


01:165:210 The Chinese Language: Description and History


01:165:211 Language and Identity in Modern Chinese Societies


01:165:220 Chinese Classics and Thought: Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism


01:165:241 Chinese Literature in Translation I: Prose and Poetry


01:165:242 Chinese Literature in Translation II: Popular Fiction and Drama

01:165:262 Chinese Cinema


01:165:264 Chinese Drama and Performing Arts


01:165:310 Modern Chinese Literature in Translation


01:165:341 Major Traditions in Chinese Thought


01:165:342 Major Traditions in Chinese Thought


01:165:461 History of Chinese Literature: Beginnings to 1300


01:165:462 History of Chinese Literature: 1300 to 1900


01:165:463 Nature in Chinese Literature


01:165:470 Modern Chinese Literature and Film 


01:165:471 Early "China" in the "World" - Cosmography, Epistemology & Encountering the Strange


01:165:473 The Silk Road: A History of Cultural and Material Exchanges


01:165:476 Women in Pre-Modern China


01:165:480  Cultural Memory in Contemporary China


01:165:482 Coldwar Chinese Literature and Film 


Chinese Language Courses 

01:165:101 Elementary Chinese


01:165:102 Elementary Chinese


01:165:103 Elementary Chinese Conversation


01:165:107 Basic Spoken Chinese


01:165:108 Basic Spoken Chinese II


01:165:110 Chinese Calligraphy


01:165:111 Chinese Calligraphy


01:165:121 Beginning Chinese Reading and Writing for Mandarin Speakers


01:165:201 Intermediate Chinese

01:165:202 Intermediate Chinese


01:165:205 Intermediate Chinese in China


01:165:222 Intermediate Chinese Reading and Writing for Mandarin Speakers


01:165:301 Advanced Modern Chinese


01:165:302 Advanced Modern Chinese


01:165:305 Advanced Chinese in China


01:165:321 Introduction to Classical Chinese


01:165:322 Introduction to Classical Chinese


01:165:361 Business Chinese


01:165:362 Business Chinese II


01:165:371 Contemporary Expository Chinese


01:165:393 Guided Research in China: Global and Local


01:165:401 Advanced Chinese Conversation and Composition

01:165:402 Advanced Chinese Conversation and Composition II


01:165:410 The Chinese Novel


01:165:412 Chinese Poetry


01:165:419 Readings in Classical Chinese Literature


01:165:420 Readings in Classical Chinese Literature


01:165:424 Origins and Development of Chinese Writing


01:165:425 Chinese Dialects


01:165:430 Advanced Chinese Grammar


01:165:451 Readings in Modern Chinese Literature


01:165:452 Readings in Modern Chinese Literature


01:165:490 Seminar on Chinese Literature and Thought


01:165:493 Independent Study


01:165:494 Independent Study


01:165:497 Honors in Chinese


01:165:498 Honors in Chinese


Japanese 01:565

Japanese Culture Courses

01:565:210 Introduction to Japanese Culture 


01:565:215 A-Bomb Literature and Film in Japan


01:565:241 Premodern Japanese Literature in Translation


01:565:242 Modern Japanese Literature in Translation


01:565:250 Langugage and Society in Japan


01:565:315 Japanese Literature and the Atomic Bomb


01:565:317 Love, Honor, and Suicide in Japanese Literature


01:565:320 The Samurai Tradition in Japanese Literature and Film


01:565:333 Anime: Introduction to Japanese Animation


01:565:350 Japanese Film

01:565:360 Japanese Women Writers


01:565:370 Community and Difference in Japanese Literature and Film


01:565:380 Contemporary Japanese Literature and Film


01:565:395 Issues in Japanese Literature: Modern Japanese Novel and the West


01:565:460 Seminar on Japanese Film


01:565:475 The Tale of Genji as World Literature


01:565:480 Seminar on Modern Japanese Literature


01:565:483 From Text to Image in Japanese Art


Japanese Language Courses  

01:565:101 Elementary Japanese


01:565:102 Elementary Japanese


01:565:103 Introduction to Japanese Writing


01:565:104 Speaking Elementary Japanese


01:565:201 Intermediate Japanese


01:565:202 Intermediate Japanese


01:565:213 Japanese Conversation and Culture

01:565:214 Japanese Conversation and Culture


01:565:301 Advanced Japanese


01:565:302 Advanced Japanese


01:565:303 Advanced Japanese for Business


01:565:304 Advanced Japanese for Business


01:565:313 Advanced Japanese Conversation and Contemporary Issues


01:565:314 Advanced Japanese Conversation and Contemporary Issues


01:565:325 Advanced Japanese Grammar and Rhetoric


01:565:361 Japanese Popular Culture


01:565:362 Japanese Popular Culture


01:565:401 Advanced Readings in Japanese


01:565:402 Advanced Readings in Japanese

01:565:411 Readings in Classical Japanese: Bungo


01:565:451 Translating Japanese Popular Media


01:565:452 Translating Japanese Popular Media


01:565:470 Seminar on Japanese Language and Literature


01:565:495 Independent Study


01:565:496 Independent Study


01:565:497 Honors in Japanese


01:565:498 Honors in Japanese


Korean 01:574

Korean Culture Courses

01:574:210 Introduction to Korean Culture


01:574:220 Introduction to Korean Literature in Translation I


01:574:221 Topics in Korean Literature in Translation II


01:574:230 Introduction to Korean Cinema and Cinematic Language


01:574:250 Korean Language in Culture and Society

01:574:310 Gender and Social Change in Korea  

01:574:350 North Korea in the Socialist and Post-Socialist Worlds


01:574:390 Topics in Korean Studies

01:574:420 Traditional Korean Poetry: Sijo  

01:574:470 Seminar on Modern Korean History


Korean Language Courses 

01:574:101 Elementary Korean


01:574:102 Elementary Korean


01:574:103 Elementary Korean for Heritage Speakers

01:574:110 The History of the Korean Script and Calligraphy I

01:574:111 The History of the Korean Script and Calligraphy II 


01:574:201 Intermediate Korean


01:574:202 Intermediate Korean


01:574:203 Intermediate Korean for Heritage Speakers


01:574:301 Advanced Korean


01:574:302 Advanced Korean


01:574:303 Advanced Korean for Business I

01:574:304 Advanced Korean for Business II


01:574:320 Korean Translation:Intro to Practical Translation


01:574:401 Advanced Readings in Korean


01:574:402 Advanced Readings in Korean


01:574:410 Readings in Korean Literature


01:574:411 Readings in Korean Literature


01:574:450 Korea in Translations: Modern Literature and Film


01:574:471 Korea in Translations: Contemporary Media


01:574:495 Independent Study in Korean


01:574:496 Independent Study in Korean


01:574:497 Honors in Korean


01:574:498 Honors in Korean