The Faculty of Asian Languages and Cultures

The Department of Asian Languages and Cultures carries forward Rutgers' long-standing interest in international studies and relations with the countries of Asia. The University's deep history of interaction and exchange with East Asia dates back to 1867 when Rutgers opened its doors to one of the first groups of Japanese students who came to study in the United States. That connection has grown ever stronger and wider in the ensuing century and a half. Today, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, is deeply committed to the study of East Asia as part of its "global reach" and overall dedication to international studies.

This dedication is expressed in the commitment of the faculty of the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures to their research and teaching on East Asia. Our faculty members have extensive and continuing connections with Asia that strengthen and enrich their work. The innovation and significance of our research on the languages, literatures, and cultures of China, Japan, and Korea deeply enhance and enliven instruction. The rich array of outstanding publications our faculty produce reveals the depth and breadth of their expertise. The range of stimulating undergraduate and graduate courses offered by our department each semester attracts a diverse group of students across the university.

We invite you to learn more about our faculty, obtain a snapshot of their scholarly achievements, and discover how their expertise benefits students and contributes to a better understanding of East Asia.